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Extensive research within Positive Psychology (the Science of Wellbeing) shows that working with people to boost wellbeing and increase their resilience skill set leads to an increase in positive emotions, meaningful relationships, mental health, productivity and performance. This is particularly impressive when coupled with the findings that it also leads to a reduction in negative emotions, absenteeism, low mood and stress levels. That’s why I believe combining coaching, positive psychology and resilience training is the winning formula to help others flourish. 


I Am Naomi Morgan, An Experienced, qualified and accredited Resilience Coach

My unique approach to coaching involves a combination of performance coaching, resilience training and the use of positive psychology strategies to ensure my clients learn how to excel in all areas of their lives, whilst also maintaining optimal wellbeing.

I believe a person cannot flourish over a prolonged period of time unless their performance, resilience and wellbeing are being supported. However, I have found that many coaching and training programmes tend to focus on one or two of these areas, but fail to consider all three. This is why they often have short-term success but fail to have the long-term impact that is desired.

“I help People To excel in all areas of their lives”

Naomi Morgan
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Remote Coaching Programs available for individuals and groups

Bespoke coaching and training programs are available for individuals, groups and organisations. Click on the link below for more information.

Why Work With Me

Extensive Experience

I have extensive experience of developing and delivering bespoke coaching and training programs for a wide range of individual, group and organisational needs, to ensure goals are always achieved

Qualified & Certificated

I am a highly accredited and certified Performance Coach with a Master's Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (Distinction level), specialising in Resilience Programs

Bespoke Programs

The programs I develop are uniquely matched to your needs, with a range of options available, including one off workshops, plus short-term and long-term coaching and training options available


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